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Choosing a janitorial service

Choosing a commercial janitorial service does not have to be a shot in the dark. Cost is a key consideration, however trust, dependability, quality, communication and partnership are vital to a long standing business relationship. The following are additional points of consideration when choosing your janitorial service :

  • Ask what methods are used to manage the janitorial staff.  Are they employee’s or independent contractors? It makes a difference.  In most cases when there is a break down in service there is a break down in the application of the managerial process of the cleaning crew.

  • References are critical. They are made to be called. Don’t discount these key pieces of information.

  • Does the cleaning service provide uniforms?  This is an indication of professionalism.

  • Just as your facility provides a first impression so does the representative of the janitorial service.

  • A quality cleaning service will provide you with ideas to help keep your facility fresh and clean.

  • Does the cleaning service belong to the local Chamber of Commerce?  Participating as a member indicates an investment in the business community. This investment indicates a higher level of professionalism.


The above are a few key points when making your decision. Making a decision only on the cost of cleaning can be a mistake. No matter what the cost, the service may or may not meet your expectations.



A clean workplace lets your clients know you’re serious about your business.

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