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 Since 2009 our family owned business has cleaned Law Firms, Office Buildings, Auto Dealerships, Banks, Food Establishments, Medical Facilities and Houses of Worship to name a few.


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Clean Slate Services utilizes an ATP meter to measure surface contamination either before or after the protocol of disinfecting. This device measures the bacteria on surfaces that may be harmful in your everyday working environment. We disinfect based on this training not just on a spray and wipe process. Exceeding our customers’ expectations with a one time or daily clean is what we do.  

ATP meters are used in hospital and food service settings and is a crucial tool for disease prevention in the workplace. With the ATP meter we can instantly identify undesirable contamination and zero in on those areas. We are also able to verify the effectiveness of our disinfecting protocol. 

Any surface measuring 200-500 is a medium risk whereas 501 and above may have high risk contamination. We do not just trust the surface is clean by a visual, we scientifically verify for your safety.  We do not see disease carrying microbes (on your microwave handle) however because of ATP testing we know they are there threatening the health of your staff and customers. For a demonstration or to learn more about our utilization of the ATP meter in our cleaning protocol please contact us.  

Carpet Cleaning

We provide a hot water extraction system to facilitate a deep clean. Leading manufactures, such as the Mohawk Group, recommend hot water extraction as the most effective method to give restorative deep cleaning results. 

The use of high-pressure force of water injected into the carpet followed by a powerful vacuum to remove soiled carpet is a proven method to enhance and remove soil that is abrasive to the long-term life of your carpet. 

We recommend frequent vacuuming, walk off matts to prevent soil from tracking into the carpet and quick action responding to spills of any kind. Clean carpets at an affordable price can be had with one call to our office. 

Tile Floor Maintenance

Are your VCT tile floors dull and worn out? We offer floor maintenance that will make your floors shine! For a one-time strip and wax or continued maintenance with floor buffing to help extend your investment in your office or facility we are your number one cleaning company to call.

The stock market will go up and down however the quality of your janitorial service should not.

Your time is valuable. Let us manage the cleaning while you manage the business. We are driven to provide competitive pricing by using productive and efficient cleaning standards while putting quality first when we walk through your door.

Advanced Coronavirus Disinfection

We are available to meet your cleaning and disinfection needs,
including; Disinfection Applications, Deep Cleans and Additional Cleaning.


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