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Choosing a Janitorial Service

Choosing a commercial janitorial service does not have to be a shot in the dark. Cost is a key consideration; however, trust, dependability, quality, communication, and partnership are vital to a long-standing business relationship. The following are additional points of consideration when choosing your janitorial service:

What methods are used to manage the janitorial staff. Are the cleaner’s employee’s or independent contractors? It makes a difference. In most cases when there is a break down in service there is a break down in the application of the managerial process of the cleaning.

References are critical.

Does the cleaning service provide uniforms? This is an indication of professionalism.

Does the cleaning service belong to the local Chamber of Commerce?  Participating as a member indicates an investment in the business community. This investment indicates a higher level of professionalism. Effective communication and respect for you as a customer is a must!


Client testimonials

“Not only does Clean Slate Services go beyond what we ask, they anticipate our needs on a consistent basis. When I think of Clean Slate Services, I think of a well-managed company that exemplifies integrity, excellent communication, and impeccable results.” Chris E.

I have been incredibly pleased with the Clean Slate Services team, not only with the thorough cleaning of my office but also with the professional and communication between myself and John Rowan.   Chris W.

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